Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Observations

Much like last year, this year's post features what has now become an annual tradition with the boys:  homemade cards and cookies.  After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I love documenting little bits of our daily life (made much more fun because we were preparing for Valentine's Day); a sort of salute to the inherent charm of imperfection.  Because, as much as we try to make it so online, life and love aren't perfect.  And those cookies...well that was the second batch.  The icing on the first was sooooo bad, then photos will not be leaving the vault anytime soon!

How was your Valentine's?  Do you have any traditions?

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Best Kind of Lunch Dates Involve Parrots, Chicken Fingers and Getting Caught in the Rain

It isn't often I get to spend one on one time with my boys.  In fact, never is more like it.  But last week, I was keen to take the boys out somewhere, have lunch and shoot a few photos of them. One wanted to stay home with dad, and so I got to have some quality time with the other.

The morning started to look promising and the plan was to go to the beach but by noon it was pouring (typical Raincouver), so we popped over to the Bloedel Conservatory with lunch to follow at our favourite greasy spoon, Helen's Grill.  (Which by the way, happens to be one of my favourite places to shoot portraits - have you been?).  I had an itch to shoot my boys and I wasn't about to let the rain stop me.  (You can't in this city, or you'll stay holed up in your home for 4 months straight!).  Besides, rainy overcast weather is great for pictures.  The Bloedel Conservatory is a great alternative for the outdoors, and the window light at Helen's Grill...well, it's just awesome to me.

Ps.  This J.Crew shirt he's wearing might be my favourite article of clothing to shoot, ever! With with that yellow raincoat in the moody interior of Helen's Grill on a rainy day?  Sigh...

What's your favourite rainy day hangout?