Monday, December 14, 2015

The Highlight of my Entire Year and Life Lately

I've been a bad blogger.  I haven't taken the time to post an update in at least a month!  Not even to share that I was published in People Magazine! Which is pretty exciting.  Though I did instagram that news...immediately upon publication...(You should probably follow me @kyrani on Instagram to get fact action updates!)

Anyway, I don't know if I have any good excuse here.  Mostly I'm not "feeling it"...which I guess is another way of saying, I have no ideas!!  Or I've been quite busy. (Does anyone else feel the same this time of year?  Where did the time go?!)  All in all, November was a pretty awesome month. I mean I was published in People Magazine! That's definitely the highlight of my 2015.  What's been the highlight of your year?

Anyway, here is a snippet of what's been happening lately in these parts.

First off, I had SO much fun shooting the beautiful (and genuinely lovely) American Idol alum Kim Caldwell and her adorable new baby girl, Harlow, for People Magazine:

Styling for this shoot by Michelle Addison

Hallowe'en happened and my warrior boys were out in full force.  Plus, when your husband walks round with a Storm Trooper helmet, a J.Crew shirt and a beer, he can't expect NOT to be photographed!

I shot this gorgeous face.  Oh to have that 22 year old skin again!

Hair and Makeup by Sonia Leal-Serafim

I also dabbled in a little food photography in my kitchen.  Those pomegranates!  A pain to eat but beauties to shoot...

And how on earth did this happen?  I shot these a couple of weeks ago and I cannot get over how grown up my boys are looking!

Hoodies by Cabyn

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