Wednesday, October 21, 2015


From time to time, the well of creative inspiration dries up.  To keep things flowing, I've started giving myself mini-themed photo assignments.  This summer, I challenged myself to take photos of one of my favourite neighbourhoods - East Vancouver - and posted and shared them on Instagram under the hashtag #klikeastvan. I didn't set any other boundaries; the photo could be of people, places, didn't matter, as long as I stuck to that neighbourhood.  I wanted to capture images that reveal what makes East Van awesome and I invited others to join me.

Sharing this challenge was a way of not only keeping myself accountable, but also to be able to discover my favourite neighbourhood through the perspective of others.

Here's how I see East Van:

And a few photos from others who joined me in the #klikeastvan challenge:

photos here by @rockababyguru @glendydarlin @rdurie @iliveineastvan @sillyguts @debsiedo

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