Monday, June 22, 2015

East Van Odyssey, Part 2

I'm so excited to share these photos with you.  Why?  They're all take with something I haven't used in ages:  film.  I have a manual Leica camera that I haven't used much.  Though I have a stash of film I bought a while ago, I'm hesitant to use it for a few reasons - maybe I don't know what I'm doing - there's no instant feedback!.  Laziness is another reason - loading and rewinding film, having to drive to a lab to have it developed, picked up, etc... But enough of the excuses. I recently pulled out the film, loaded up my underused Leica and meandered around East Van.  And I'm glad to say there are quite a few shots I love.

Oh and before I forget, I announced another photo challenge last week.  This time, snap your favourite things/spaces/objects/experiences in East Van and share your photos including the hashtag #klikeastvan and tagging me @kyrani, on Instagram until July 31.  I can't wait to see my neighbourhood through your eyes.

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