Monday, April 20, 2015

Shifting Perspectives

There's beauty everywhere I look these days.  Even at the run down old rental homes in my neighbourhood.  Owners are nowhere to be found, but the bluebells are everywhere gracing sidewalks with their understated beauty.  And I couldn't help but pick a few.

What little beauties have you noticed lately?

Bringing just a hint of plant-life into the house has such a power to transform ho to you feel in (or about) a space, so that is my challenge to you this week.  Take a walk, pick something wild, and enjoy the shift in your mood whenever you look at it.

Share your photo with the #klikflowerchallenge hashtag and tag me in it - I'd love to see what you find! You can find me on Instagram @kyrani or on Twitter @klikphoto.  Post your photos by Mother's Day (May 10) and I'll post your photos on my blog and compile all the natural beauty in one place.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Flower Filled Picnic for Glitter Guide

Going through my archives lately, I came across this shoot I did for Glitter Guide with Tamara Taggart last summer.  The theme was a woodland picnic inspired by Selina Lake's book Outdoor Living.  I was particularly drawn to the flowers, which were done by the always amazing folks at the Flower Factory.  I mean, how can one deny that they are the truest expression of the divine on earth?  Below are some of my favourite photos of the flowers from that shoot.

See the full feature and photoshoot with Tamara Taggart on Glitter Guide here.