Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baking With The Boys

A couple of days ago, Sebastien, Nicholas and I made sugar cookies to give to our teachers who are still on strike.  We are big fans of Rosie Daykin's Butter Baked Goods book so, of course, I asked them to choose a recipe from there.  I dressed them in matching j.crew gingham shirts which make for perfect baking attire ;). 

When we finished, I decided to ask the boys a couple questions...

1. Do you like baking?
    S: "Yes. I love baking actually. "
    N: "Yes. I love it!"

2. What is your favourite part about baking cookies?
    S:  "Cracking the eggs."
    N:  "Tasting the cookie dough."

3. Why did you choose sugar cookies?
    S: "Because I know they would be yummy."
    N: "I didn't choose them." 

4. What part don't you like?
    N: "Putting in the oven because they take a long time to bake."
    S:  "Mixing all the ingredients in the bowl, it takes too long."

5.  Who is the better baker?
     N:  He just pointed to me.
     S:  "All of us.  Even Papa."

This batch was delivered to our teachers.
The rest was for us!