Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday Night Light

Yesterday's evening light at the playground was especially magical so I couldn't resist bringing my real camera (as opposed to my iphone which seems to be my go-to these days) to the park to capture a few snapshots of my boys.

As much I wanted to capture beautiful smiley faces, I have to say I do like the wide range of "looks" they'd give me from genuine smiles to fake smiles, and silly faces to serious faces.

There's lots of sunshine this summer in Vancouver right now and that means it's an opportune time to take advantage of this gorgeous, magic hour light.  Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

1.  Have your subject face the sun.  There are virtually no harsh shadows in a person's face and no squinting either.  So go crazy and soak your subject in golden light.

2.  Place the sun behind your subject.  Backlighting is breathtaking in my opinion and my favourite kind of lighting right now.  Meter off your subject's face if you want to avoid a silhouette and over expose the picture using the exposure compensation function in your camera.  This is one way to achieve a dreamy washed out look.

Fall is right around the corner and in Vancity that means rain!  So be sure to go out there and shoot.  Let me know how it goes!


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