Sunday, August 11, 2013

Five Days in New York: People Watching

I love how the light shines on these two.
Can't go to the big apple without a photo of someone sleeping on the subway.
Trumpet Player in the subway station.
Taking a break in Central Park.
Fishing in Central Park.
Shot this guy from the cab on our way to our hotel.
You can imagine the charm oozing from this one.
Sleeping in Soho.
Basketball playing at Sara Roosevelt Park.
Doing a crossword puzzle at Sara Roosevelt Park.
Reading the paper at Sara Roosevelt Park.
Invoking the Sartorialist here with this lady walking past the John Varvatos Store (formerly CBGB).
Mulberry Street Market.
Times Square.  Can you imagine doing this for a living?
Times Square.
I wonder what he was thinking...
East Village.
Coney Island.

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