Monday, January 14, 2013

The Way I See It: My favourite personal photos from 2012

A few things that caught my eye in 2012.  Most of these haven't been posted anywhere yet.  I hope you enjoy!

Rockstar Jonny Hetherington, shot on location at The Main on Main Street, Vancouver
Observations north of Terminal on Main Street
Chinatown, Vancouver
Strathcona corner store
My boy waiting for the Skytrain
My boy playing with his blocks
A tea party abandoned
Making valentines
At the Bob Rennie Gallery in Chinatown
My friend, artist Melissa Mercier. Check out her beautiful photographs at

My niece
My boy as Bob the Builder
Shoes abandoned in Lower Manhattan
Waiting for our table at Nolita's Rubirossa.  You must go when you are in New York!
The delicious red we enjoyed at Rubirossa
Love this orange dress
My favourite flowers!