Sunday, April 22, 2012

Granville Island Goodness

Saturday plus sunshine = a splendid morning with the boys on Granville Island yesterday.  How was your Saturday morning?

Friday, April 13, 2012

She Delights In Archery...

I sing of Artemis, whose shafts are of gold, 
who cheers on the hounds, the pure maiden, 
shooter of stags, who delights in archery, 
own sister to Apollo with the golden sword. 
Over the shadowy hills and windy peaks 
she draws her golden bow,
rejoicing in the chase, and sends out grievous shafts.  
The tops of the high mountains tremble 
and the tangled wood echoes awesomely with the outcry of beasts: 
earthquakes and the sea also where fishes shoal.  
But the goddess with a bold heart turns every way 
destroying the race of wild beasts: 
and when she is satisfied and has cheered her heart, 
this huntress who delights in arrows 
slackens her supple bow and goes to the great house 
of her dear brother Phoebus Apollo, 
to the rich land of Delphi, 
there to order the lovely dance of the Muses and Graces.  
There she hangs up her curved bow and her arrows, 
and heads and leads the dances, gracefully arrayed, 
while all they utter their heavenly voice, 
singing how neat-ankled Leto bare children supreme 
among the immortals both in thought and in deed.

- Homer, To Artemis