Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holy Hardwood

It's true.  This maple hardwood flooring is holy.  It came from a church that was being demolished on Oak Street and is undergoing a resurrection of sorts this week in our home.  This hardwood is especially lovely as it has great fiddleback and birdseye character seldom seen these days.  I cannot wait to see it finished.

Now how does one come across such gems?  Turns out Port Coquitlam-based demo contractor, D. Litchfield & Co., takes reduce, reuse, recycle very seriously.  Beyond just a demo contractor, D. Litchfield strives for the highest levels of salvage and recycling in all their demo projects.  They are so successful that they are able to reach 75% of the demolition debris from being diverted from our landfills.  Even more impressive is the fact that they were able to reach 95% of all materials from going to the landfill on a demo project just last week.