Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Luck of the Irish (or rather the Irish Heather)

Yesterday I had an impromptu shoot with one of my muses.  I had grand ideas about the look I wanted and was eager to execute them.  Things were not looking good however.  I had to pick her up from Downtown Vancouver at 2 pm.  I was running late to begin with, but then got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic which I have decided to blame on Mayor Robertson's bike lanes along Hornby, Georgia and Dunsmuir.  I would have no problem with this if there were cyclists actually using them...In any case, we finally met up and drove to Gastown.  We got there quickly, but it took at least 20 minutes of driving before I found parking.  I wanted to start the shoot at the Irish Heather Pub at my favourite table, the round one that is right beside the window by the front door.  To my dismay, there were two gentleman sitting at that table enjoying their beers...were they going to stay? were they going to go?  The waiting was driving me crazy.  Lucky for us, they eventually finished their beers and left.  I snagged the table immediately.  Here is my favourite image from the Irish Heather.

By the way, if you are ever looking for a great spot to shoot portraits, try out the Irish Heather.  The staff is so nice and accommodating, the window light is amazing...not to mention the french fries with curry sauce.

Afterwards we proceeded to Blood Alley and wandered towards Alexander Street for a few shots.

And then we came across the gorgeous Hotel Europe on Powell Street.  At the time, I actually thought it was a hotel but I have since found out it is government subsidized housing.  We tried the back entrance but it was locked so we headed to the front.  Before we could open the door, someone was walking out and let us into the building.   The gorgeous evening light was spilling through the windows over the original tile and marble in the lobby and we, of course, took advantage.  I wonder, if I hadn't been running late, if those two men weren't sitting at "my table" at the Irish Heather, thus delaying our shooting, would we have had access to the Hotel Europe and had the opportunity to capture these images with this beautiful light in this splendid building?

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