Friday, January 7, 2011

Food of Love

Shakespeare once said that music was the food of love.  I disagree.  Chocolate is.
Last week, my niece (who happens to be a baker extraordinaire) baked a chocolate cake in celebration of my birthday.   It is such a loving gesture to have someone cook or bake for you - we women do most of the cooking and baking, giving so much of ourselves to nourish others.  I feel so grateful to have been on the receiving end of such a divine and thoughtful gift.


  1. Love the pictures! The cake looks so yummy!

  2. Love this story through your lens. I get to admire the story (your pics) of my family everyday;) thank you

  3. OK, so why am I posting a comment on this particular photo set? Well, if anyone can properly blend photography with food, I am sold! It reminds me of one of my fave websites that does just the same -

    Thanks for sharing - truly amazing, beautiful & 'tasty' looking photos:)

  4. As a baker myself, I love seeing the step by step instructions and the final result. I love these photos and the cake looks yummy!